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The name Sloopi is an original invented word. It is derived from a combination of other words, like:

  • Sloppy
  • Slippery
  • Goopy
  • Loopy

These words are blended together into a very fun and interesting name. The word Sloop also refers to the most commonly found sailboat sail plan type, which is single-masted, and has two sails: a headsail, and a mainsail (and potentially a third sail called a spinnaker). Sloops are distinct from other types of sail plans on ships like cutters, yawls, ketches, schooners, and square rigged ships.

The name Sloopi, will carry well, the meaning that the site is related to access to information, products or services that are either fun, sloppy and goopy, or related to some fun and cute sloop concept.

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The name Sloopi, as a wordmark, is absolutely beautiful. The repetition of strong circular shapes at the center in the letters S-o-o-p, and the very friendly appeal of the ending i, make the name very fun, bright, light-hearted, and approachable. Phonetically, the name is extremely short, being one word with two syllables, and it is very pleasant to pronounce with no awkward sound transitions.

The feel of Sloopi evokes a bit of witty cartoon nostalgia with the similarity to Snoopy, one of the most beloved characters in the Peanuts comic strip of Charles Schulz. A good natured and imaginative beagle that always has something fun to say. The upbeat feel of that association, along with the structural and phonetic feel of the name, could make it much easier to develop a brand and entice people to learn more about the products, which can be very powerful in marketing. A powerful feature of having a name that is so beautiful and fun, is the capacity that they tend to have for creating merchandise that people enjoy, which can make a profit center out of an important marketing exposure tactic.

Brand names with two syllables, like Sloopi are quite common among top brands. They are very valuable, not just because they are easy to remember, but also because they are a preference in modern marketing. Examples of successful 2 syllable brand names are Pixar™, Maytag™, Bounty™, Pampers™, Uber™, Apple™, Subway™, Disney™, 3M™, Tesla™, Walmart™, Target™, Nike™, DreamWorks™, FaceBook™, Google™, Pfizer™, GoodYear™, PayPal™, Sony™, Petco™, Kellogs™, Bayer™, Hershey's™, Red Bull™, Starbucks™, Honda™, Canon™, Lego™, Gold Kist™, Mattel™, Gillette™, Pennzoil™, Qualcomm™, Labcorp™, Pep Boys™, and many other top brands.

Email add­re­sses are very appea­ling in a wide range from casual to very formal, at all times exuding prof­essi­ona­lism and great cre­dibi­lity:


The obvious applications of Sloopi are many, and broad. For instance, it would make a great name for a fun, sloop-rigged dinghy aimed at a younger target audience. Or a goopy candy, or a slimy toy for children, or a personal lubricant brand, or a blog, news, or entertainment site that features activities that are related to them. Sloopi could even make a great name for an oil-change station chain similar to Jiffy Lube.

All things considered, Sloopi.­com is an extremely professional domain, that is very memorable, suggestive, charming, and enticing, and offers instant credibility in information, products, or services that are sloop related, or fun, sloppy, and loopy.

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